A little about me…

Photos by Adela Rose Photography.

Alright, first things first, hi I’m Nick. My full name is Nicholas Brouwer but I won’t bore you with those kinda details. You just need to know that I am a huge fan of westerns. My heroes have always been cowboys.

To be an artist and put your artwork out there for the world to see can be kinda terrifying, but if you wanna make it in this world you can’t just hide in fear. You gotta step out and try things. I’ve always loved drawing and hope to one day make it my full-time career, especially western art and logos. One of my biggest goals is to be able to help people turn their dreams and aspirations into a reality by giving them a logo that clearly shows what they’re about and also have it be a statement. I love how simplistic and yet complicated a logo can be. The process behind designing a logo is fascinating and I can’t get enough of it.